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Forget Lent, Try This Instead

Your sanity, well-being and happiness will thank you for it.

It’s lent!

Which means it's time to give up all of our favourite things.

Or is it?

I haven’t given up any of my favourite things (wine, chocolate, sammiches, that kind of thing) for lent since 2013, including my sanity and my mental health.

I’ll be keeping all of those things in my life this lent, and indeed, for the rest of my life.

As a recovered serial fad dieter, I’ll never willingly sacrifice my mental health and sanity again by restricting my favourite things, on the off chance that I’ll lose a pound or two.

How about doing something totally off the wall for lent this year and instead of “giving up chocolate”, try “giving up giving up stuff” instead?

Consider using the next 40 days to inject an element of positivity into your life and feel the mental shackles of restriction disappear.

Here's my top favourite things to try this lent:

Instead of giving up chocolate, crisps, and pizza. Try and focus on nourishing your body.

Instead of depriving yourself of food you enjoy to eat. Try and listen to your body and feed it what it wants and needs.

Instead of treating food purely as fuel. Try and experience pleasure from eating fun food.

Instead of fearing failure with your diet. Try and and accept there will be times of indulgence and move on.

Instead of feeling guilty over your food choices. Try an allow for all food that you enjoy to eat.

Instead of punishing yourself for your food choices. Try and be kind to yourself regardless.

Instead of exercising to burn off the Mars bar you just ate. Try and exercise to get fit and strong.

Instead of striving for the perfect diet. Try and be patient with yourself and strive for progress.

Your sanity, well-being, and overall happiness will thank you for it.

Try it. And let me know how you get on!

Chat soon,


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