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with Karen

Nutrition Coaching


As your nutrition coach, I am committed to helping you make long lasting positive change so you can lead the healthy and happy life that you both want and deserve. Whether your goal is better health, and/or weight loss, I can help you achieve it so you can feel your absolute best.

At the heart of all my programs are 5 key principles that define great nutrition:

positive mindset

behaviour change

energy balance

best health

life is for living

Heart Shape Confetti


This program came along at just the right time for me. I was so fed up of losing and regaining the same few stone. This program is so different from anything else. I am still amazing at my changes!


I have totally healed my relationship with food as a result of working with Karen! I no longer overeat or eat for comfort (most of the time). Karen has been a huge part of me changing my life and for that I am incredibly grateful. I have not once struggled with food since finishing up with Karen, I am healed!


I just love this nutrition program. Who would have thought having a balanced approach to food and health would be so revolutionary!

Things Clients Say

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