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Nutrition Coaching

As your nutrition coach, I am committed to helping you make long lasting positive change so you can lead the healthy and happy life that you both want and deserve. Whether your goal is better health, and/or weight loss, I can help you achieve it so you can feel your absolute best.


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What Program Is Best for You?

If you are thinking about hiring me as your coach, you might be wondering which program you should choose. To help you decide, here is a summary overview of the programs. 

Choose the one that you think will work best for you, and the level of interaction that you think you need with me as your coach.

No matter what program you choose, know that each one is individualised and 100% private between you and I.

If you are still unsure, then book your complimentary discovery call with me below!

Ignition Nutrition



(incl. VAT)

Ignition Nutrition is our signature online nutrition program that will transform your approach to nutrition in the best possible way. This 12 week program is suited towards those who respond well to written guidance and direction, and those who need just a little nudge and gentle encouragement along the way.

✔ Client Questionnaire

✔ Goal Setting Task

✔ Guide to Success Nutrition Manual

✔ Recipe Collection

✔ Mindset Modules

✔ Digital Food & Mood Journal

✔ Digital Weekly Check-in

✔ Online Support Group

Personalised Coaching



(incl VAT)

Personalised Nutrition Coaching is ideal for those who fancy a more personal touch. It comes with all the extra trimmings, which are continual support, accountability, and face to face consultations throughout the coaching process.

✔ Comprehensive Diet & Lifestyle Analysis

✔ Goal Setting Task

✔ Face to Face Clarity Consultation

✔ Guide to Success Nutrition Manual

✔ Recipe Collection

✔ Mindset Modules

✔ Digital Food & Mood Journal

✔ Digital Weekly Check-in & Dietary Analysis

✔ Face to Face Consultation Every 4 Weeks

✔ 24/7 Text Support

✔ Online Support Group

What My Clients Say

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The Ignition program came along at just the right time for me. I was so fed up of losing and regaining the same few stone. This program is so different from anything else. I am still amazing at my changes!

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