I'm Karen.

My mission is to help you to achieve your health and nutrition goals and break free from restrictive and yo yo dieting, all while feeling liberated and looking fabulous.



I'm a Doctor of Philosophy (in Biomedical Engineering) by education, a problem solver by nature, and a Personal Trainer, Gym Owner, and Nutrition Coach by trade.

I adopt a strictly no nonsense, evidence based and "life is for living" based approach to both nutrition and training.


As an engineer, I am naturally inquisitive and continually examine things and think of ways to help things work better. That includes ways of helping YOU work better also.


My ability to think logically enables me to make sense of things, to understand how things work and how problems arise. My job is to spot your problem and resolve it.


Once the problem has been solved then I want to help you consistently live in the solution and leave the problem in the past.


I am passionate about helping others in every and any way that I can.


I am realistic, energetic, direct with my approach, goal-oriented, conscientious, open-minded and most of all, adaptable, cause let's face it, shit happens.

When not coaching clients in my gym, Freedom Fitness in Kilcoole, I can usually be found throwing weights around the gym, speaking at nutrition seminars around the country, or ranting about Fad Diets on Facebook


Biomedical Engineering, B.Eng, Ph.D.
Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

Sports Nutrition FETAC Level 6

[Pending] GPI Postgraduate Diploma Performance Nutrition

Active IQ L2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction
Active IQ L3 Certificate in Personal Training

National Qualification in Pre and Postnatal Exercise
CrossFit L1 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor
Weightlifting Ireland L1 Assistant Coach



My Story

I let go.

It's not a massively impressive physical transformation, but it was one of the biggest mental and emotional changes I will ever make.

I simply let go.

I let go of restrictive dieting.
I let go of false beliefs surrounding nutrition.
I let go of the pursuit for perfection.
I let go of punishment exercise.
I let go of being a dick to myself.

And what I gained in return was life changing.

It wasn't easy. But my holy God it was worth it.

Because I am worth it.

It’s kind of ironic when you think about it. The more I dieted, the heavier and more overweight I became.

The more I dieted, the more miserable I felt, the more uncomfortable I was in my skin, and the more I started to not like who I was.

As the diets got more and more extreme, so did the rebound. The more I deprived myself, the more I spiralled out of control after, negating any of the short-term results I achieved.

No wonder it’s called yo-yo dieting!

It took me getting to breaking point before I insisted that there simply had to be another way.

Thank heavens above there was.

The biggest change I made was between my ears. It was then, and only then, that the physical changes followed, but this time the results lasted.

I let go of the quest for the perfect diet, restrictive dieting, and punishment exercise.

Instead I started being kinder to myself regardless of my food choices, nourishing my body, and detached feelings of guilt from food by simply giving myself permission in the first place to eat and enjoy fun food from time to time.

Yes, the physical results followed, I am fitter and stronger than ever, and I feel fabulous in my clothes, but the sense of freedom I have around food now is like a whole new lease of life.

I endured the depths of dieting despair for 17 years so I fully empathise with those who currently going through the same.

It is my sincerest intention to help others break free from this hell hole, so you too can start to feel and look fabulous without the associated suffering and distress of restrictive dieting.

It is not an easy transition to make, but it’s simple when you know how.

I’ll provide you with all the coaching, guidance, mentorship and support you need along the way, so you can snip the string of the yo yo once and for all.

The result being improved body composition, better health, a freer more liberated mind, and ultimately a happier person.

Thanks for reading,

Coaching with Compassion

I promote foods that nourish our bodies.


I encourage people to eat fun food that they enjoy to eat.

I list nutrient dense foods that are excellent sources of nourishment.

I highlight the importance of protein, fats, carbs, and micronutrients in our diet.

I advocate weight training for strength and longevity of life.

I recommend exercise to improve heart health and longevity of life.

I praise progress, not perfection.


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