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Live a Healthy Happy Life

Achieve your health and nutrition goals, break free from yo yo dieting in a sustainable and enjoyable way, and feel fabulous along the way.


Forest Fruit Ice Cream


A one of a kind, 12 week online nutrition program, with Karen as your coach, so you can live the healthy and happy life that you both want and deserve.

Forest Fruit Ice Cream


No nonsense nutrition coaching with all the trimmings, which are continual support, accountability, and individualised weekly check-ins and follow-up assessments throughout the coaching process.


This webinar will help you create some healthy structure to your eating habits, as well as give you bucket loads of useful, practical, and applicable information that will transform your approach to nutrition in the best possible way, so you can start to feel your absolute best.

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Corporate Wellness


Services include lunchtime or evening nutrition and/or exercise talks and workshops, as well as semi-private group nutrition programs. Please contact me for more info, topics covered, and pricing.

Meet Karen


Hi, I'm Dr. Karen Coghlan.

My mission is to help you to achieve your health goals and break free from restrictive and yo yo dieting, all while feeling liberated and looking fabulous.

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Success Stories


Read what some of my clients have had to say about me and their experience working with me so far!