You Are Overweight Because You Overeat... But WHY?

December 17, 2015



Why do you overeat?


You can have thee most structured, scientifically sound, nutritional plan in place, but if you don’t address the WHY of your overeating in the first place then your weight loss struggle will remain just that, a struggle.


You can calculate precisely 30 ProPoints, add up specifically 11.5 Syns, or count 1800 calories worth of food every day, and use all your willpower and might to stick to these numbers.




But if you do not address the reason WHY you overeat in the first place, you will more than likely regain back the weight you lost when you stop counting your WW Points, SW Syns, or calories.


DO you eat out of boredom? Find something else to do other than eat.
DO you eat when upset? Confront your emotions instead of burying them with food.
DO you eat just to be polite when offered food? Learn how to say no.
DO you eat too much at night time? Eat more during the day.
DO you eat without even realising it? Practice mindful eating.


The above are merely a few examples of why you overeat in the first place, but the point being that your choice of diet is not really all that important. As long as your choice of diet puts you in a calorie deficit, you can stick to it, you feel good following it, and you enjoy it, then it will work.


But for long lasting change, the single most important aspect is your behaviour around food. How you think about food and your relationship with it is key for success.


Is your low carb diet leaving you with a case of carbphobia?
Is your sugar free diet causing you to live in fear of sugar and develop an unhealthy obsession with avoiding it?
Is your counting of Syns leaving you guilty for eating too many?
Is your counting of points or calories encouraging you to ignore your hunger cues and leaving you starving?
Is your clean eating diet making you feel like a bad person when you eat processed foods?
Is your Paleo diet making you feel like a morally superior person because you don’t eat gluttoness gluten?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then that is a sign that perhaps your diet is driving you away from having a healthy relationship with food.


This is not good news for long-term dietary success and will do nothing to unearth the reasons why you overeat in the first place.


“Dieting” is as much about psychology as it is physiology. With the right mindset and approach you may never need diet again. At least in the restrictive sense of the word.


The first step is to stop worrying so much about what you eat and pay less attention to counting points, Syns and calories. Shift the focus away from bodyweight outcomes and instead focus on improving health, psychological well-being, and building a healthy relationship with food again.


Focus on improving eating behaviours and the addressing they whys of your overeating to abandon unhealthy weight control behaviours and restrictive dieting.


Letting go of restrictive dieting is massively liberating, and along with it comes increased body satisfaction, improved psychological health, self-esteem, and a better quality of life.


Let go of what no longer serves you to make room for new graces to enter your life.


Thanks for reading,




If you are ready to address your why of overeating instead of masking over the cracks with useless quick fixes, then I can help guide you on the right path to long lasting dietary success with the Ignition Nutrition coaching program, so you can once and for all achieve your weight loss goals. Doors now open to new members! Read more HERE.

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