Dieting Destroyed Me

August 20, 2015


Dieting destroyed me. It tore me down. And eventually broke me to pieces.


My eating behaviours became so disordered that it severely affected my life to the extent that it was ruining it.


I got pissed off with friends for planning our meet ups around meals out.


I cried when out at restaurants because I wasn’t able to order exactly what I wanted to.


Hell, I even stopped going to special occasions such as Christenings because I feared the spread of food and cake that would be laid out in front of me.


I became obsessed. My life revolved around my diet. I was starting to sacrifice who I was so I could control what food I put into my mouth.


My thought process was very disordered. I just kept thinking to myself that if I just lost those few pounds that my life would be better, that I would be better.


Instead, my life just got progressively worse.


I wish I could tell you how I chose to change. But I didn’t. It was forced on me. It got to a point where I physically and emotionally broke down.


The universe was more committed to my happiness and health than I was, so it gave me the boot that I needed to grow and change, which I am so grateful for.


The thought of not “dieting” any more terrified me. I was actually fearful and completely uncomfortable with the unknown that lay ahead.


I lacked confidence that I would be able to make the change. But with each day I didn’t “diet”, the more confidence I gained in my ability.


I was so far outside my comfort zone, but as I began to experience the benefits from not “dieting”, my fear started to dissipate and things started to feel “right”, even sort of normal.


Once on the right path, I began to realise my true potential. Potential I never thought I had. Self-doubt started to disappear and I started to believe in the validity of my existence in this world.


I surrendered to life’s flow. I faced my greatest fears, I stopped “dieting”, and I made friends with the unknown.


I let go of what no longer served me. I created space and made room for grace and new blessings to enter my life.


Surrender and let go. Live your life. Don't endure it.


Eat some cake.


Thanks for reading,



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