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Semi-Private Coaching

Surround Yourself With Those on the Same Mission as You

About Semi-Private Coaching

Are you a group of similar minded people with similar minded goals?


A bridal party? A sports team? A running club? A CrossFit box? Work colleagues? A school of teachers? Family members? A knitting club? A bowling group?


If so, then a semi-private group nutrition coaching program may just be the trick you need.


The semi-private groups are run in the same format as the Ignition group, except with people you already know. The focus of the group is tailored to meet your specific wants and needs. Be it a health, fitness, or fat loss goal.


Throughout the month, I will provide you and your group with all the guidance, mentorship, motivation, and support you need so you can succeed with your health, fitness and/or fat loss goals.


The support group approach is chosen for this program because people can accomplish great things with a positive social support system. If you surround yourself with people who eat well and exercise, you are more likely to do the same.


And it's fun!


I cater for groups of 2 to 15+. I require a minimum sign up of 12 weeks, and the weeks and months after that are negotiable depending on who wishes to remain in the program.

Simply send me an email for pricing and/or to get started.

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