Why You Don’t Need to Diet (and What to Do Instead)

I think deep down (beneath the erroneous misinformation being spread on the internet) we all sorta kinda know what a balanced diet is, right?

So, why do we insist on taking dietary advice to the extremes? And giving up glorious items such as the world’s greatest invention that are sammiches?

Not only that, but insisting on “cleaning” up our diet and giving up all processed and pre-packaged foods?

Or even more extreme. Follow a “lose 7 lbs in 7 days” food plan that does nothing in the long term. With us only ending up in a worse state than we began.

[Read more about what I think of detoxes here.]

Boy, do we lurve a good ole quick fix. So alluring and tempting. But ultimately, dangerous and unsustainable.

Most diets present you with a list of “haves” and “have nots”. They remove your ability to make smart food choices based on common sense.

They can drive you away from healthy behaviours and misguide you down the road to unhealthy obsession, ending up feeling broken, useless, and like a failure.

This constant perception of failure is a demeaning way to live. It encourages very low self-esteem, which in turn, can lead to diminished self-worth and psychological distress.

Alas! All is most certainly not lost.

Go back to basics, trust your gut, and start making smarter choices again. Trust that you do not need to take drastic dieting action. Perhaps all you need is to relearn how to eat again.

Start by getting familiar with the “whys” behind your eating behaviours. Are you eating for some other reason other than hunger? Perhaps boredom, upset, stress? It may just be the only real change you need for long lasting dietary success.

Then address your portions. How much are you eating? How often are you eating? Are you eating when you are not hungry? Are you eating past fullness a lot of the time?

Next have a look at the different types of foods that you are eating.