Five Things to Know if You're Planning a Detox

New Year, New You! And no better way to kickstart the year with a delightful detox. Right?

Detox, the magical elixir of life, that claims to:

  • Rid the body of supposed “toxins” caused by our hectic lifestyle

  • To restore health, energy and balance

  • Cleanse, sooth, and repair inflamed bowels

  • Make you sparkle from the inside out

With such glorious claims, it’s hard to resist right? Yet there is not a shred of scientific evidence to back these claims up, so just how "healthy", not to mention safe, are they?

Detox diets are a scam and are based on glorified fake science.

The body is a weird but extremely efficient and wonderful place that is more than capable of detoxing itself, given the right tools.

In a healthy individual, these tools are; a liver, a set of kidneys, a pair of lungs, a digestive system and skin.

Combined with a balanced diet, you have a perfectly eloquent detoxification system that you don’t have to swipe your credit card for.

The liver is the big gun, which is loaded with enzymes to convert toxic substances into less harmful ones, then filtered through the kidneys and passed out in your pee.

So before embarking (or continuing) on your new detox or juice cleanse, here are 5 things to know first:

1 They Suck Your Money Out of Your Wallet

A “detox” is not something you undergo because you’ve eaten too many mince pies or over indulged on a boozy weekend. It is in fact, a medical term that refers to the safe discontinuation from a dangerous level of drugs, alcohol or poisons. For which, you need a doctor and a hospital.

So when you see the term “detox” being used on the side of a box of dandelion teabags, you are being exploited. Of your money.

And what exactly are these “toxins” that they referring to? As it turns out, the suppliers of these detox products don’t know eithe