Eating the Food is Healthier than Obsessing About Not Eating the Food

Our eating behaviours contribute towards so much more than just our physical health. They also plays a pivotal role in our emotional and mental well-being.

This is the biggest downfall of traditional dieting as we know it - the total disregard for our happiness and indeed, our sanity.

The pursuit of physical health often leads to the pursuit of the perfect diet, which to our detriment, can arouse feelings of distress, anxiety, misery, and ultimately failure when we fail to attain the unachievable - that is dietary perfection.

The perfect diet, to some, means no sugar, no bread, no carbs, no alcohol, no any "insert favourite food here". Alas! If we go to such extreme measures to avoid certain foods, then the inevitable WILL happen.

We will experience overwhelming cravings for the foods we are avoiding, and it’s only a matter of time before we give in and cave to the cravings, and binge on our beloved foods.

The vicious circle of restriction, elimination and deprivation thus ensues and the diet starts all over again.

Next Monday perhaps?

Restricting, depriving, and starving yourself of fun foods is not maintainable. There is no joy, benefits, or saint-ship to be gained from being a food martyr.

A nutritious diet consisting purely of whole and unprocessed foods and not allowing for fun foods that you enjoy eating is far from healthy.

While following the “all” approach and eating nothing but whole unprocessed nutrient dense foods, yes, you may very well be the picture of physical health.

But on the inside, you feel like crap, as your mind is preoccupied every moment of the day obsessing over the perfect food choice.

In this case, it is worth asking yourself, what is the point of looking good on the outside if you feel like crap on the inside?

In this regard, the most nutritious diet is NOT always the healthiest one, as your health is far more than just physical.

If our emotional health and well-being is suffering as a result of our (false) food beliefs and choices, then our overall health is in danger too.