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About 1-2-1 Coaching

Private Personalised Nutrition Coaching is ideal for those who fancy a more exclusive approach.


The program follows the same sound principles as the Ignition Nutrition program, but comes with all the extra trimmings, which are continual support, accountability, and individualised weekly follow-up assessments throughout the coaching process.

First things first, I do not offer generic meal plans. Mainly for the reason that the results you achieve will be short-lived and you will end up putting back on the lost weight once you stop following them.

Instead, my role as your nutrition coach is to empower you with all the tools and information necessary to develop new behaviours and food habits, so you can confidently reach the outcomes goals we set.

And more importantly, maintain the results you achieve.

I will coach you through the process until you have reached your goals and you are confident that you can continue on your own, leaving the fad dieting and yoyo dieting in the past.

I will provide you with all the mentorship, support and accountability you need to help you figure out the important things you should be doing differently, and troubleshoot all the inevitable challenges and difficulties that will come up along the way.


The changes we make to your diet will suit you and your personal preferences, be obtainable, sustainable and long lasting.

Still interested? Good, read on.

Join Any Time!

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What's Next?

The coaching process takes place fully online through the Practice Better app, so you can get involved any time any place.

Once signed up below, you will be invited to register for an account on the app. From there, I will send you a Client Information Sheet to fill in, which can be done through the app from either your mobile device or computer.

The purpose of the Client Information Sheet is for me to understand your goals and needs, what nutrition programs or strategies you have tried before, what has worked, what has not worked, why, and ultimately to figure out what approach will work best for you from here on.

This is also an important step of the process to help me gain a real insight into your current lifestyle and daily routine, which will be invaluable when it comes to identifying current limitations that may hinder progress, so we can be confident that the changes we introduce are obtainable and long lasting.

Your homework from there will be to fill in a Three-Day Dietary Record for me so I can get a good feel for your typical diet and eating habits.

I will review and assess all the information gathered so far,  decide from there what the next best step is for you to take, and schedule your initial 30 minute consultation with you via Zoom.

From here on in, I will provide you with continual support and follow-up assessments throughout the coaching process.

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The Program Includes:

  • Private account with the Practice Better app for unlimited support and 24/7 access to pick my brains and daily check-ins.

  • Comprehensive Diet and Lifestyle Assessment & Analysis.

  • Initial Consultation via Zoom.

  • A Bumper Packed "Practical Guide to Dietary Success" that covers the practical side of nutrition that provides all the structure and guidance you need to succeed.

  • A "Mindful Manual to Dietary Freedom" that addresses your behaviours around food so you can break free yo-yo dieting.

  • A "Recipe & Protein Guide" to help you put together some delicious and nutritious meals using the guidelines and structure outlined in the Guide to Success.

  • Weekly Check-ins with me, to help you follow the program as best as you can. 

  • Monthly Goal Setting Review and Progress Assessment via Zoom (30 minutes).

  • Continual Feedback & Adjustments from me.

Let's Go!

The minimum length of time I will work with you for is 3 months.

If you are willing to invest 3 months then I can promise you my full commitment in return and I will work to the best of my ability to coach you to successfully achieving your goals.

Your investment for the first month is €147, and €127 per month thereafter.

This way, you have the choice to avail of the 1-2-1 coaching for however long YOU need, until you are ready to move on feeling and looking fabulous.

All I ask is that you give me two weeks notice when you are ready to do so, to make sure you don't get billed for unused coaching time, and so we have enough time to put together an exit strategy.

The coaching process takes place fully online through our coaching app and Zoom so you can get involved any time any place.

If going digital is just not your thing and you prefer a more traditional approach through face to face contact, then please contact me using the form below for your options.

I take on a very limited amount of private clients so if I am fully booked then you will be placed on a waiting list.

Please contact me via the contact form below if you have any concerns, qualms, queries, or questions about my private 1-2-1 nutrition coaching services.

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