Option 1

nutrition only

Empower yourself with all the tools and knowledge you need for long-lasting dietary success!

Option 2

nutrition + fitness

No gym? No problem! Join our Live Freedom Fitness Zoom Classes and home workouts!

A safer, saner, more sustainable, maintainable, and enjoyable online nutrition program to help you reach your health and nutrition goals.


Why Choose Ignition?


healthy food habits that will last you a lifetime


your health and nutrition goals without losing your sanity

from the vicious circle of yoyo dieting
the perpetual starve-binge-starve cycle
experience that dreaded "start again next Monday" feeling
your fear of carbs and "fattening" food
a healthy relationship with food
fun food without guilt, deprivation, or restriction
the dreaded "diet" once and for all
your approach to nutrition in the best best possible way

What Makes Us Different?

Restrictive type diets don't work. In the long term, at least.

You know the ones where you have to give up bread, sugar, and things all carby and delicious to achieve the body of your dreams?

The exact same ones that leave you feeling deprived and down right miserable.


Unfortunately, most restrictive dieters get caught up in a perpetual cycle of starving and binging, losing weight and regaining weight. Not to mention the feelings of guilt and diminished self-worth that comes over time with unsuccessful dieting.


Down with that sort of thing!

Thankfully, there is another way. A better, safer, and more enjoyable way to achieve your health and nutrition goals.


In the Ignition Nutrition program, we chase our health, we nourish our bodies, we take care of both our physical and mental health and emotional well-being.


We are kind to ourselves, we don't punish ourselves for our food choices, we allow ourselves fun foods from time to time, so we actually enjoy how we eat.


There is a huge element of mindset development to the program so you need never fear carbs or dread dieting ever again.

You will learn exactly what good nutrition is to empower yourself with all the tools and knowledge you need for long-lasting dietary success so you will never have to "start again next Monday".

If you are sick and tired of the demoralising and endless cycle of weight loss and weight gain, and instead want to succeed with your health and nutrition goals in a sustainable, maintainable, and (dare I say) enjoyable way, then hop on board with me.


It could change your life.


If you let it.



✔ What to eat

✔ How much to eat

✔ When to eat

✔ How to include fun foods

✖ No restricted foods

✖ No counting calories or Syns


✔ Learn the art of mindful eating

✔ Break the "all or nothing" thinking

✔ Address the why behind your overeating

✔ Enjoy all food guilt free


✔ How to put it all together

✔ Delicious, nutritious and easy

✔ All food groups included

✔ Supplement (optional) guidelines

✔ Smoothie recipes


✔ Daily journal

✔ Goal setting

✔ Weekly check-ins
✔ Monthly reviews

✔ Continuous coaching and feedback from Karen

How Ignition Works

The Ignition Nutrition program is delivered through our own private web-based app, where you will be provided with all the tools, information and guidance you need from me, Karen, as your coach to achieve long lasting dietary success.


The app, in a way, works in a similar manner to Facebook groups (except that it is not harvesting your intimate secrets and selling them to advertisers!) and it is simply a better system to support you to achieve the results you came for.

All of the programs information and files are delivered through the app, which are then neatly organised and easily accessed from anywhere.

The app also has a group feature, where it serves as a forum for members to chat among themselves, as well as with me as your coach, to provide a dynamic and meaningful shared experience.

The app also has other nifty tools, such as Worksheets & Journaling, which are key elements for helping you to actually follow the program and to stick to it for long lasting results.

Through the app, you will have 24/7 access to pick my brains, as well as it serving as a supportive, non-judgemental and fun social network.


Doors to the May edition of Ignition Nutrition are now open. I'll be along to the group on Monday 8th June where the coaching process officially kicks off!

No Gym?

No Problem!

Optional Add-on

Freedom Fitness

Live Zoom Classes

  • Three Live Zoom Classes a week

  • Full access to our members only training app

  • Structured and progressive strength and fitness program

  • Individual modifications with or without gym equipment

  • Weekly check-ins with Karen as your coach

  • Support, Guidance & Accountability!

Karen's approach to nutrition is refreshingly logical.


There are no gimmicks, starvation or stress. Just plain old food!

The biggest thing Karen has helped change for me was my mindset towards my body; I stopped punishing and rewarding myself with food and focused on feeling healthy and strong.

As a result, I dropped 30lbs, and have maintained that with no perceived effort for almost a year.

I would recommend the Ignition Nutrition program to anyone who is sick of sifting through false and damaging information from the "health" industry, and who wants to feel good in their own skin.

It's one of the best things I've ever done.



It's been an amazing few months and I can honestly say I feel like a different person!


 I was one of those people on the fence for ages, looking for yet another quick fix, so upon joining I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no counting calories/macros/points/syns, or measuring involved.

A bit of a shock to the system I must say, but that's the beauty of the program. It's not a one size fits all approach, you learn what YOU need to do to improve eating habits.

I am a fitter, happier, healthier and more positive person thanks to the daily support of Karen and the group, who are a truly inspiring bunch.

To everyone who's even a little bit curious, try something new, get down off the fence and go for it. 
It has been an incredible few months!




Nutrition Only


€45 for returning members

Ignition Nutrition & Zoom Classes


Dietary freedom has never tasted so good!

I'm on the fence!

If you are still unsure about joining the Ignition Nutrition program, are fearful of failing yet another diet, or have a question or two before joining in, please send me a message and I'll do my very best to help you!



I'm In! Now What?

Congratulations for taking your first step towards a healthier mind and body!


I’ll help you along the rest of the way, I promise.

Once your payment has been registered, you will be sent an invitation (via email) to register on our app, where you will be given access to the starting program documents and information.


The sooner you join then the sooner you can access the Practical Guide to Dietary Success and make that first step towards dietary success and freedom.


I'll be along to the group on Monday when the coaching process will officially kick off.

Between now and then, take your time to familiarise yourself with the app and how the group works, and please get in touch if you have any questions!

Talk soon,


Wishing You Every Success!